Judging Criteria

Retail Categories

Products will be tested by a number of consumer judging panels.

Panels will take place in homes across the UK. The panels are geographically spread and provide a balance of city, town, and rural locations.

Panels are made up of 13 judges including a kitchen judge to prepare the entries. Members represent a cross-section of gender, age and socio-economic background.

Judging criteria includes:

• Texture
• Appearance
• Initial appeal (Pack)
• Value for money
• New and different
• Packaging
• Instructions
• Likelihood of purchase

Foodservice Categories

Products will be tested by a panel of judges who are all members of the Craft Guild of Chefs.

The judges represent all areas of the foodservice industry and possess expert knowledge and years of experience in their chosen sectors. They are highly experienced food judges who regularly participate in judging other awards schemes and competitions.

Judging will take place at an independent hospitality venue with entered products prepared by professional chefs in accordance with instructions provided upon entry.

Each product will be tested and scored according to the following criteria:

• Eating quality
• Appearance
• Ease of service
• Suitability of packaging
• Clarity & accuracy of preparation instructions
• Innovation